About Me

HELLO, I’m Steph, the crazy human behind Eating Well Not Less. Thank you for visiting my site, I am truly so grateful you’re here. 

I am here to share the utter love that I have for food, cooking, health and positivity. I am total foodie passionista; self-confessed feeder, committed dinner party host and avid restauranteur. I am here to share all my food creations and recipes – not just kale and salads, don’t be swayed by the ‘Nutritionist’ title, I am here to celebrate all food. You’ll see carbs; you’ll see cheese, chocolate, bread you name it… because it is tasty and brings me joy. I don’t cut anything out but I also don’t boycott anything – you’ll see veggie dishes, vegan, pescatarian and I will try out anything. There’s something for everyone. With a couple of workouts thrown in for good measure. 

Now you’ve had the short intro… do want the long one?

My love for food wasn’t always like this. I’m pretty sure most people haven’t had a straight and narrow relationship with food. My journey started with fibromyalgia. A chronic illness I’ve suffered with since I was 14 (probably before but 14 was the big onset). It was tough, utterly tough, and I’ve written a post all about what it is so I won’t go into the nitty gritty now. But the lead up to being diagnosed and then diagnosis threw my life into crazy ass times. Coupled with some high school bullying and ostracising from some grade A ass holes at school (hands up who’s experiencing some of these babies?!) I couldn’t cope with everything that was thrown at me.

Over the manyyyyyyy years I had to learn how to make myself well and healthy. I suckered myself to believing that being ultra ‘healthy’ would make my fibro go away, but instead I became a shadow of my former self. Which then meant I couldn’t fight fibro the way I should have been able to. I didn’t talk to anyone about what I was going through and, if I’m honest, I still don’t talk about it enough. But I’m thankful for what has been thrown at me, because I came out other end and it has completely transformed my relationship with myself, my health, food and life in general. I am now truly a live for the moment type of gal and I realised that food is what gives health not takes it. That’s the message I’m hopeful I exude. 

Exercise however, has always been up and down in my life. Before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I was a bloody good runner. But once fibro hit and I became a fragile lil thing I could barely do a thing. Until I got to uni I thought ‘going to gym’ meant caning a treadmill (BORRRRRINNNNNGG). So, I never envisaged myself having a good relationship with exercise let alone being able to pick up some 8kg dumbbells. I’ve slowly but surely built myself up and over the last few years I’ve qualified as a PT and become a person I never thought Id be… I actually enjoy working out… who am i….