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    Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

    Monday morning breakfast and chill 😏⁣⁣I know not everyone has time in the morning before work but I absolutely love taking 15-20mins to just sit and enjoy a coffee and breakfast. Instead of chowing it down in front of your…

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    Mocha Tahini Granola

    I am a big advocate of batch cooking things. Granola is one I ALWAYS have a huge batch of – so double the quantities here to make a large amount that’ll last you a good while. Granola is one of…

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    Cacao Peanut Smoothie Bowl

    A chocolate smoothie bowl in the garden this morning… one way to make Monday less Monday 🙌🏼 I am a huge breakfast advocate. I am hungry the moment I wake up and pretty much struggle to function until I’ve eaten…

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    Winter Fruit Time!

    Winter’s weather is pretty miserable, but I’m all for the winter warming flavours. This was probably my most favourite breakfast I’ve had in a while, such a good filling and delicious start to the day, obviously included is the obligatory…

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    Breakfast plus the ‘demon’ carbs

    When you find a brunch your husband can make you know it’s a winner! I love an eccentric brunch as much as the next halloumi or scrambled tofu eating legend but when you accidentally wake up at 11am on a…