Easter & Gratitude

Easter may have been in quarantine this year, but it was one of my favourites in a while. We may not have children to buy Easter eggs for but it was a day I felt extremely thankful for. We weren’t able to see our family or our friends so we made a special day of it for just the two of us. It was me, my husband and our sausage dog, Winston. We cooked a massive roast and opened a bottle of our favourite red wine we brought back from South Africa. Just the fact that we were and are able to do that is enough to be thankful for.

But then I got to thinking back to when I was younger where days surrounded by food used to cause me extreme anxiety and guilt. I hated them, I dreaded them. Easter was a time when I didn’t have total and complete control over what I ate and what I did. I didn’t allow myself to feel thankful and grateful for the people around me and the time we had together. In fact, I often lashed out at them and blamed them for my loss of control over food. I made these celebratory family times a stressful occasion for everyone, not just myself. And that’s something I will never be able to take back.

I have since made the most of these days and this Easter I felt utterly grateful for the journey I have been through. I looked at my little family and thanked the lord that I no longer feel this guilt or loss of control I used to feel. But I know there’s many of you out there still going through it or those that may go through it. It’s tough but I’m just gonna yell from the rooftops for you that these times are special and if you want to get through it you will. You’ll look back whilst looking like Betty Crocker in the kitchen and be grateful for going through it because the gratitude you have for food, life, family and friends now is so much stronger