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    Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups

    Absolute chuffed to bits with these. They’re perfect little nibbles of peanuty goodness 🤤 ⁣Perfect for that lower sugar, higher protein, vegan friendly sweet treat. A couple of these whilst watching Greys Anatomy and you got yourself a part-ayyyyy ⁣⁣Crunchy…

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    Chocolate Orange Energy Balls

    I used to be OBSESSED with making lil energy balls. My food processor nearly died from the sheer amount of dates I chucked in it. But then I think I got obsessed with some other snack (I go through phases…

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    Homemade Protein Bars (ve)

    Protein powder really is flung around a lot in the fitness/wellness land isn’t it?  Protein is a SUPER important macronutrient, key for building, maintaining and repairing body tissues, including muscle. But is it really necessary to consume it in this…

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    Cacao Peanut Smoothie Bowl

    A chocolate smoothie bowl in the garden this morning… one way to make Monday less Monday 🙌🏼 I am a huge breakfast advocate. I am hungry the moment I wake up and pretty much struggle to function until I’ve eaten…

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    Sourdough Choc Chip Cookies

    Everyone’s gone sourdough crazy am I right? Suddenly we all want a sourdough child that requires feeding twice a day and is extraordinarily temperamental… but is oh so worth the work. I absolutely hate throwing anything away so I made…

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    Winter Fruit Time!

    Winter’s weather is pretty miserable, but I’m all for the winter warming flavours. This was probably my most favourite breakfast I’ve had in a while, such a good filling and delicious start to the day, obviously included is the obligatory…