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Homemade Protein Bars (ve)

Protein powder really is flung around a lot in the fitness/wellness land isn’t it? 

Protein is a SUPER important macronutrient, key for building, maintaining and repairing body tissues, including muscle. But is it really necessary to consume it in this powder form?

I’ve written a lil article about this if you fancy a read go to my previous post!

If reading ain’t your thing then here’s the short answer…. no. Protein powder is not *necessary*. Contrary to popular gym goer belief, there’s little to gain from a big protein hit immediately after exercise. It works just as well to space it throughout the day in the form of high protein snacks and meals. HOWEVER, protein powder is incredibly convenient, quick and often cheap. It also makes it easy for people to get their protein if they have increased requirements e.g. exercise a lot, are elderly, or follow a restricted diet. If that’s the case and you like the taste then go for it! But a chicken breast or portion of tofu is pretty much the same thing. 

Yeah yeah Steph shut up where’s my recipe? Homemade protein bars coming right up ➡️

120g oats

30g protein powder

1 tbsp cacao 

100g cashew butter 

1 tbsp maple syrup/agave

5 tbsp milk

2 tbsp crushed hazelnuts 

50g dark chocolate, melted

Sea salt

  1. blend your oats to a flour using the milling blade on your nutri bullet
  2. mix the cashew butter, maple syrup, and milk together until combined then add the oat flour, protein powder and hazelnuts and mix until a firm dough line consistency is formed. It will seem pretty stiff but trust me it’s how we need it – mine pretty much rolled into a ball
  3. line a loaf tin with grease proof paper then press the mixture into the tin then place in the freezer for 20mins (or the fridge for an hour or so, depending on how quick you wanna make them) 
  4. melt the chocolate, then remove the loaf tin from the freezer and take the bars out but keeping them on the grease proof paper (no worries if you haven’t kept them on this it’s just to use as a mat to catch the melted choc). Drizzle the melted choc over the top, then sprinkle with sea salt
  5. put in the fridge to set then cut into bars! 

Link to my previous post all about protein powder: