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I started this blog on Instagram and it’s definitely where the focus will stay. I love the community feel of Instagram. That it gives me the opportunity to chat to others, my friends are involved in everything I do and I can connect with so many inspiring people and accounts.

On Instagram I post all my recipes and workout videos you can follow. And of course a bit of everything I’m up to… which in current isolation is A LOT of cooking, eating and drinking wine. Just me?



I am a qualified PT and super passionate about fitness. Fitness has been a huge driving factor in my ‘recovery’ from Fibromyalgia, it’s helped me get stronger and more resilient as well as being an outlet for that black cloud of anxiety we all often get. So I share easy to follow workouts for all abilities which I hope you can enjoy!


I share all my recipes along with step by step recipe videos. These are great as you can ‘cook a long’ with me or save them for later. If there’s any recipes you’d like to see as a video then please just get in touch!

Would love to see you on Insta – don’t hesitate to reach out!