Why I’m here

I’ve felt completely out of sync over the last few years, not knowing which direction I should go in or even how to get started. I think that I thought that going back to college and signing up for a PT qualification that it was signed, sealed, delivered and TADAAAAA I’d have my career, and success would just be round the corner. How wrong I was. Even more uncertainty has arrived. Constantly comparing myself and wondering how the hell I’m going to be like ‘that other really successful nutritionist’. If my friend told me they were feeling like this I’d have a host of advice, support and cheerleading style encouragement. But I’m struggling to practise what I preach. Cliche hey?

So instead of just sitting around and waiting for the next few years to pass until I’m qualified I’ve created a space where I can share my journey. I think it’s completely unrealistic just seeing the end result, the success, the following… no, you’re going to see it all – the blood, sweat, tears and possibly a few tantrums. Lucky you! I’ve spent so long following others on a similar journey and thinking that I could never get to where they are but everyone starts somewhere, and I’m not getting anywhere if I don’t just go for it.

I’m writing this on the 23rd August 2019 with 342 Instagram followers, zero blog writing experience, averaging about 30 likes a photo (majority my brilliantly supportive friends and family – cheers guys!), and a lack of knowledge about starting my own business! BUT, I can cook pretty well (honestly, I smash a dinner party #modest), I’m pretty damn good at drinking wine, I possess fair bit of self deprecating sarcasm, and I’m super super passionate about nutrition and fitness. SO, let’s see how this goes shall we?!