Who are you comparing yourself to?

So Sharon doesn’t eat meat. Sheila doesn’t touch or even smell alcohol. Karen is totally dairy free and milks her own almonds. Rachel can run 5km in like 7minutes and Rodger said ‘I’m gonna run a marathon tomorrow’ so ran a bloody marathon (🤯). This is all absolutely bloody amazing and they should be super proud of themselves… Because they’re HAPPY. Not necessarily because of each of 1 of those things, but because those things make them happy. Yes they may make them feel healthy too, but if having a G&T after a day of zoom work calls, or sharing a Franca Manca with your boyfriend, or going on a slow run and stopping to stroke every single dog on the common, or NOT putting kale in your smoothie makes you happy then that’s absolutely bloody amazing too. ⁣

Feel like sometimes we (and I) forget that health and fitness is for enjoyment and not just keeping up with the Kardashians.⁣

I recently found myself putting myself down for doing a run that was ‘slow’. Because Lockdown Insta has had some ‘run as fast as humanly possibly thing’ going on’. Which in lots of ways is great because it pushes us to improve and reach new goals, and inspires people to push themselves a little harder. But in other ways it might not be so great… I’ve always gone for a run because I enjoy it, it’s a stress relief for me and a time where I think about everything and anything. But kicking myself for not getting the minutes per km I wanted kinda negates that stress relief and enjoyment. And sometimes I wanna run coz I’ve had a shitty day, or feel like a lockdown rat trapped in a cage and wanna just NOT be in the house… not because I’m gonna get a PB.⁣

Today you might not want a healthy salad for lunch, you might not wanna run like the clappers down tooting high street, you might not want cauliflower rice instead of rice (what the eff is wrong with rice?!). And that’s cool. Or, you might want to do all those things, and that’s cool too. ✌🏻⁣

So, ⁣
It’s good to push yourself. But not in replacement of joy. ⁣
Thank you and good night (I’m here all week) 🤙🏼

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